What is Augmented Reality(AR)

AR enhances (or augments) what we see by overlaying digital content onto the real world. It’s becoming an integral part of the technology landscape, set to disrupt every industry. Right now, it already enhances how we live, work, play, socialise and shop.

AR Development Services

Projection of digital images on physical objects. It can be interactive or non-interactive and used to create projection of objects.

AR app detects and recognizes marker. Once it recognizes marker, it replaces with a corresponding object. There is different type that translates words through camera.

Superimposition based AR also uses object recognition in order to replace an entire object or a part of it with an augmented view.

Location based AR detecting location by reading smart device’s GPS, compass and accelerometer and give relevant information on screen.

AR Solutions for Industries


We help to produce simulations of education labs, AR tutorials, virtual trips, recreations of historical scenes.


We create interactive guides to train employees, test and maintain equipment, build prototypes to evaluate new components.


We assist you in showcasing your products through the interactive 3D models and holograms equipped with audio, video, buttons.


We create safe AR environments to sharpen one’s skills. We also enhance medical equipment with AR-based interfaces.

Real Estate

We deliver virtual guided tours around buildings, superimpose interactive 3D objects over a physical scene in real time.


We support you with collection showcasing, virtual dressing rooms, virtual assistants, in-store navigation.

Next-gen Communication

We help distributed teams to work on a project as a single whole, demonstrate a product, and stay on the same page remotely.


We employ AR/VR to improve training programs, enable VR live streaming, and leverage Big Data and IoT to achieve unique fan experiences.


We design full-presence and immersive experiences for cinemas, TV shows, games, theaters.