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Strategy & Ideation

This is the building bridge between a client and us. We hold ideation workshops to discuss your product and think of avenues to market your product, based on your requirements and the market trends. We have seen that good ideas, blended with innovative technology and the correct market strategy, lead to better business and unique consumer experience. Because we are already a popular client choice within 6+ years of work, our young, enthusiastic and talented analysis of the current market scenario will be crucial towards a successful endeavour.

Mobile App (iOS/Android) Development

For any business to grow in this market, you would definitely need a mobile app. MU-Tech has the most cost-effective and interactive Mobile App Developers that will work tirelessly from understanding your core requirements to the final product.
Be it on iOS, or Android, don't look any further as we work on native, cross-platform, hybrid apps to wearable and gaming device apps. We make sure that the client’s ideas are executed according to market trends, helping them in better business and justifying their trust in us.

AR/VR Solutions

Augmented & Virtual Realities are a mix of interactive graphics and Artificial Intelligence, that aim to provide end-users with a real-like experience of a certain environment or product, for example, Iron Man’s J.A.R.V.I.S or VR Games and Flight Simulators. It can be thought of as an interactive and intelligent simulation. AR is widely employed hardware/physical model visualisations along with the real-world, ranging from real estate to a highly sophisticated machine, along with 5 sensory integration. Example, seeing pretty interior décor and hearing birds chirping outside your new proposed flat, or the Pokemon Go. VR is a completely imaginary experience with 5 sensory integration, and allows the users to see a proposed model. Eg, the imagined/proposed view of your new flat, or being inside a flight simulator.

AI/ML Solutions

Every industry, from manufacturing, healthcare, to software marketing and education,businesses are employing the wonders of an intelligent system into their models. These learning models help in better data understanding, product functioning and customer satisfaction and feedback.
For instance, a manufacturer benefits from supply chain optimization and factory-floor machine prognosis, whereas the education businesses become efficient in searching for students and teachers, evaluation of students, prediction of future improvements, etc. The healthcare system is going nuts with the numerous AI applications for better diagnosis of rare diseases, dosage calculation, allocation of doctors, and so many more! Machine Learning models are even sensitive to market trends, and adjust themselves to future market predictions, thus increasing revenue and having a futuristic vision.

Custom Web App Development

Web development is usually the step-up for business, growing from the mobile interface to the laptop or PC. With the Custom Web App Development, our team takes great care that your needs and requirements are justified in the product.
MU-Tech has varied professional skills in web application and database designs, servers, systems engineering and client management, using both MEAN and LAMP. We further offer our expertise in API integration, Enterprise Web Application, and everything related to your website and business model.
Our web development team and support is proactive 24x7x360, and we adjust to your timezones to take care of your business like our own, thus saving you a lot of bucks and headache.

Technology Partnerships

We are already an established name in 6+ years of work, with a big client-base and industry experience. We ensure end-to-end Quality Assurance through repeated testing. We also provide and support White Label Solutions and Team Outsourcing, to ensure the best talent on the jobs, along with a quicker and efficient workflow. Based on the needs of the specific business or product, we also provide customized ERP/CRM.

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Assure the finest quality, each and every time

Treasure challenges, and harbour a product mindset

Are a young, diligent and enthusiastic team who work round the clock and celebrate the
fact that we always meet our commitments.

Have teams of specialists who provide interactive and end-to-end solutions

Are very customer-centric, providing excellent client support and service, after project

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MU-Tech Unified Solutions, is a Technology Venture dedicated to serve its clients by providing one of the best IT and Mobility solutions. We have expertise in creating innovative ideas to provide solutions for your businesses. We believe that good ideas blended with innovative technology, lead to better business and unique consumer experience. Hence, our slogan “Innovation in Everything”

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